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We firmly believe in doing everything we can to ensure our customer's satisfaction. If you need to get in contact with us, have questions about purchasing, would like to order over the phone, or maybe just want to get some first-hand beauty advice, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re ready to help. Read our FAQ to get our information or fill the form and we’ll give a response within 24 hours.



Where is Avoskin's official store?

For now, Avoskin serving all the official sales online. You can get Avoskin products through purchasing at or official website,, or AVO Store throughout Indonesia. You can get the location and contact of AVO Store in

You can get Avoskin's products in Sociolla Store Lippo Mall Puri, Sociolla Store Tunjungan Plaza, Sociolla Store Kota Kasablanka, CNF Store, Els Beauty Jogja, Lunacoco Semarangan, dan Makeuppucino Bandung

I want to try Avoskin, but there is no AVO Store in my city. How do I buy Avoskin?

You can make purchases through our official website,, that serve sales and shipping to all over Indonesia and abroad.

I do not understand how to purchasing via the website. Can you explain it?

You can follow the steps in You can use your computer, laptop, or smartphone to access the website.

Is Avoskin suitable for my skin? Does Avoskin provide consulting services?

Avoskin formulated to suitable for all skin types. If you want to consult your skin problem, contact us via LINE: @avoskin. You will be directly connected with our Customer Service/Beauty Advisor (CS/BA). If you want a faster service, you can try Skin Advisor on our official website.

What is Skin Advisor?

Skin Advisor is an online consulting service provided in the digital application. You can use this app on your smartphone or computer. Just 3 easy steps, you will know what the problem on your skin, and we can recommend natural treatments and Avoskin's products that you should use. To try it out, please click

How can I identify the genuine products of Avoskin?

Avoskin's products with guaranteed quality are only officially sold through the website, AVO Store, and e-commerce or offline store that cooperates with us. Make sure you receive the product with good packaging and sealed, complete with hologram stickers released by Avoskin.

I want to start using Avoskin. What products are suitable for me, and how much the price of the product?

For beginners, we recommend a series of Avoskin Deluxe Series, which consists of Avoskin Day Cream (10gr), Avoskin Night Cream (10gr), Avoskin Hydrating Treatment Essence (100ml), and Avoskin Naufa Facial Soap (50gr). As of June 1, 2016, this set is sold at IDR 335,000.

I use Avoskin for one week, why my face become rough suddenly?

There is a sign of detoxification. It can be considered as the adaptation process of the skin. Another reason, it may happen because you previously used a blended product containing heavy chemicals. Avoskin's formula will work to remove the chemicals that exist in your skin through detoxification. It normally takes place within 4-6 weeks to make your skin back to neutral.

If my skin had been rough, is it safe to continue using Avoskin?

There is no problem to continue the use of Avoskin into your face. With the use of Avoskin regularly, skin adaptation will be faster, and the performance of Avoskin's formula will be increased.

Can Avoskin products remove the acne?

Yes, it can. Avoskin will optimize the condition of your face to keep it clean, healthy, fresh, and bright naturally. The formula of Avoskin will work to eliminate the acne and preventing the emergence of new acne.

How long do I need to get rid of acne?

It depends on the severity of your acne, and also depends on the conditions of your skin. The severity of acne is different in each person. The higher the level of severity, the longer the healing process. It also determined by the skin type in a person. There is a skin type with a fast and slow regeneration process. However, acne and damaged skin will be removed quickly when you treat it with proper care. Using Avoskin routinely to get better skin is the right way. Normally, Avoskin will give great changes for your skin within 6-8 weeks.

I have dull skin, can Avoskin brighten my skin?

Yes, it can. One of the functions of Avoskin is to brighten the skin tone. The result is very natural and radiant. It because of the formula of Avoskin made with natural materials.

Can Avoskin remove the black spots?

Yes, Avoskin can remove the dark spots, wrinkles, and other symptoms of skin aging. You can use Avoskin Hydrating Treatment Essence to maximize the process. However, if the spots on your face are very hard, we recommend you to use the full treatment of Avoskin Deluxe Series.

Can I order Avoskin through the Official Avoskin's Facebook Page?

Sure, you can. You can visit Official Facebook Page Avoskin at Please chat through a message on the Avoskin's Official Facebook Page to place an order and connect with our CS.

Is Avoskin suitable for sensitive skin types?

The formula of Avoskin was designed to suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Is Avoskin an addictive product?

No, Avoskin is not an addictive product. Avoskin only uses natural ingredients with the highly hygienic process in the making. It makes Avoskin not addictive for everyone who used it.

Adakah efek samping yang ditimbulkan saat menggunakan Avoskin?

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Jika sudah menggunakan Avoskin selama 28 hari, namun tidak ada perubahan, apakah itu artinya Avoskin tidak cocok untuk wajah saya?

Bagaimana cara menjadi AVO Store?

Di kota saya sudah ada AVO Store, apakah saya masih bisa bergabung menjadi AVO Store?

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